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DSG Safety Audit Modules

Our safety modules allow you to do a full, self-audit on areas in your facility. You only need to pick the modules that apply to you. You will be able to enter in what safety standards you have put in place, or will put in place, as well as enter dates for projects to be done. This documentation is a great tool to use if you are ever audited. You have the choice to get current modules up to the date of purchase, or you can get updated modules as regulations change. Our continuing module service allows you to stay ahead of the game so that nothing will catch you off guard.

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Direction and Promise
This set of questions are comprised of statements that will evaluate the overall direction setting of the local leadership that includes involvement, commitment, fiduciary responsibilities and ownership at all levels of the organization.
Change Management
Questions under this module include the identification and management of all changes that occur within the local site. The identification involves formal project safe methodologies that categorize the potential hazards recognizing management and ownership of project changes.
Workers Safety
This module consist of the management of signs and tags, the management of onsite contractors and the core safety programs including lock out tag out, confined space, hazardous communication, fall prevention and a host of other programs that pertain to worker safety, worker compliance and proper risk assessment that accurately identify corrective actions to be carried out.
Mechanical Safety
This module includes confirmation of certain technical systems that require appropriate skill leveled personnel to address systems such as combustion, fire, security, hazardous processes and other areas that address management and risk evaluation of critical location components and systems.
Health Practices
Questions within this module include provisions for potential medical surveillances, first aid and proper medical response.  The accident investigation, recordkeeping and reporting processes, general workplace requirements as well as exposure control provisions and monitoring are also explored
Environmental Performance
This module includes the management, use and disposal of air, water and waste. This also includes questions pertaining to the release and reporting of emission, releases and contaminations of soil or water.
Event Analysis
This module has questions that pertain to the overall management, analysis and corrective action of all incidents and gaps within the local site regardless of their severity.
Claims Management
The questions in this module comprise case management tactics and fiduciary responsibility for the closure of all claims, transitional work opportunities and strategies for maximizing people resources and minimizing overall indirect cost.
Training and Techniques
This module questions contain information that pertain to the training, retraining and orientations of all employees, this includes contingent workers and contractors working at the local site. The quality of training received as well as the retention of owners are evaluated based upon the local training strategy and opportunities for 100% compliance goals.
Behavior Observations and Response
The module includes questions that represent the integration of employee behavior versus their observations from a positive and non-conformance perspective.  The module also includes avenues to ascertain goals and tools to gain compliance to local rules, policies and standards established.
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