Is your environment safe for your employees and customers?

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We Specialize in General Industry Safety and Construction Safety

Keep your team Knowledgeable, Accountable, and Safe with DSG Safety Modules

DSG Modules
We want to make sure that you have what you need for safety to be a strong point in your business structure.

Training Classes Now Available

DSG updates classes regularly.  We make sure new safety regulations are added as needed.  Our knowledgeable trainers are sure to make your classes an enjoyable learning experience.
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DSG is a Safety Specialist Group in Multiple Areas

Industrial Safety

Make sure your facility is up to safety standards

Team Training

A great team is one that knows how to do their job safely

Business Consultation

We work with many companies in helping them find the best solutions

Mechanical Engineering

DSG is a strong addition that will help keep you on the safe side


The DSG approach to training is simple. Educate, Illustrate, Check, Assignment (EICA)
Safety Training


The flexibility that DSG extends to auditing includes a full facility audit covering a wide variety of compliance issues.
Facility Audits


Our Project Management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific effort.
Project Management
All Areas of Your Facility are Accountable When it Comes to Safety.
Are You as Safe as You Need to Be?
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